decode recordings always had a close relationship to relais, an electronic act made up by tom fleischhauer.
the first record put out on decode was a 3 track 12" with early material of relais - released in spring 1997.
when we where asked to participate in the debut of a series of parties known as 'drift',
we decided to feature relais with a giveaway single called 'chore'.
relais' first full-length album called '1336', was released as a cd in june of 1999 and ist distributed via efa.
a 12" with remixes of lp-track 'erik' was released in january y2k.
when playing live, duralux' slideprojections are corresponding to the sounds.

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monoton blau   [real audio - taken from relais 12"]

chore   [real audio - taken from chore 7"]      chore   [quicktime - taken from chore 7"]

autominute   [real audio - taken from relais '1336' cd]

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